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Realm of Nobles
Quest 4
Here are a few side quests that are avilable to you. Keep these a secret. By completing you could earn: XP, items and/or badges. Good luck and be creative. Oh, come back and see what else is waiting for you.
Your quest is create an ancient tool from the stoneage. With the tool you must include a brief discription of the item and how it might have been used. Email pictures and discription with the messenger. Remember, on your sidequests to always do your best. This is for you and your house.  Do your best, be creative, and only bring back the highest quality. Good luck!
You are to go on a jurney of exploration of mesopotamia. You must create a pic collage that shows several artifacts you found from the area and time period. Also include discriptions. RequirementsWhen done send it via the messanger below.
Welcome to the Navy
The Docks
Quest 4
Research one important naval battle or battle that the navy was needed inthe Roman empire. Create a one page report including images and links to resources.  BONUS: Earn a merchant ship level 3 RequirementsWhen done send it via the messanger below.
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3D design
From here you over look the rest of the Realm. You can see the appoaches to the Realm. This tower will give you a target to obtain. You must do it completly by your self. Turn in and keep the tower a secret. 
Tower of Depoy
Welcome to the ancient training grounds of the Realm of Nobles. Many have come before, many more will come after, but this is your time. Time to leave your legacy. 
You and your fellow housemates must complete the traditional training before you may venture off into the Realm itself. The Realm is a dangrous place that will require
many skills. Give your all and you will succeed… COMPLETE all tasks IN ORDER! Once your house has completed them all you will enter the Realm. 
Guild Crest
Purpose Driven
Final Challenge
House Challenge 2
Rule Rack
Complete your first task and see if you can move farther along in your training today… 
RF Challenge
Required Solo
Realm Lore
Disappear 123
Lucky Forge
Name Glyphs
Required House
Optional Sidequests
Sign the Book of Passage
Welcome to the training ground of the Realm. My name is Tarik. Here is where your jouney has just begun. Click around to find where to go next. Good Luck! 
Welcome to the Relam of NoblesAs werey travelers who have come from the far corners of the Realm to complete your training and gain the right of passage back to your houses. This training will get your ready to tackle whatever will come your way. It will help you learn the ways of the Realm and if done right, you will gain more than just skills, you might find treasure. Take your first step into the Realm by crossing the bridge toward the ancient and remote Realm training grounds. Good luck…
Parents & Visitors Page
Parent Letter
Purpose Driven Learning
So, you have discovered the Realm! Welcome to a classroom that combines traditional pedagogy and progressive experiencial learning through gamification and engagement-based teaching methods.  Students are players working hard to develop skills to improve themselves and their houses. Included here is information for parents, guests and the curious. There are links to all sorts of things so check them out.
Throughout the year, Mr. Matera uses various forms of tech tools to keep parents as well as his students informed. Feel free to explore the links to the left and see if you want to become a power user of these tools.
Visitor Technology 
Parent Info
Crafting Guide
Visitor MinecraftEDU 
W.O.H. Info
Minecraft is a powerful learning environment that is one of the most unique in the educational space today. Minecraft is purely constructive. Students throughout the year will get chances both on campus and off to build, simulate, and solve challenges. Read the following files to learn more about this facinating educational tool.